Sunday, January 25, 2009

Stay tuned

It's been a busy week here at McKennawerks. Since the stove died we decided to go ahead with part of the kitchen remodel in order to install the built-in oven/microwave and a new cooktop. Since I like to both be able to cook and to eat, and make coffee, that went to the head of the the to-do list. We also made a buncha progress on turning the old garage into a combination guest bedroom, laundry room, 1/2 bath, and den in time for my eldest daughter and hubbies next visit. This all involved moving a large amount of building materials from where the had been stored in the garage to the workshop. Right now my workbench and assembly table is buried under a huge pile of lumber, plumbing parts, and miscellanous "I'll just set this here for now."

I did get a good bit done on the buckboard style bed, and made some new wheels, and I'm nearing completion on an essay about the Djebjerg and Hochdorf wagons and how to incorporate their sytles into smaller wagons.

Anyway, I should be posting some more pics and plans soon, as well as the essay.

So stay tuned!


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