Saturday, July 3, 2010


Best laid plans and all of that. I'm on the road for a bit, so I'm sorting the big stack of pics for the oseberg cart, and some (a lot) of really crappily organized notes; but I'm working (perforce) with Horvendile (the laptop--man, I miss those two big monitors) and it's a pain, but we'll get there.

So, I recently found out I'm going to be a grandfather... I'm alternating between happily bumfuzzled and "I'm too young to be a grandfather!"

OK, logically, 53 isn't isn't exactly the first blush of youth, but as I often say: childhood is fleeting, but immaturity can last forever. (Gen pointedly agrees, sigh) Anyway, I've wanted to build a cradle for a while (I've got a measured drawing of a period one stashed somewhere). Grandkids, sheesh, I only graduated high school 35 years ago.... Well, maybe I'm not too old to be a granddad, but I'm certainly not mature enough; though I always wanted eccentric grandparents (mine were nice, don't get me wrong, but they were pretty staid), my daughters, OTOH have been blessed with a lovably eccentric grandmother (my mom, 78, red hat, screaming red sox fan, conducts a kazoo band--'nuff said).

I'm thinking this could be fun...