Thursday, January 1, 2009


The Dejbjerg Wagon

Adaptations of the "Oseberg Cart" are passe' so the wagon I'll do first is an homage to the Dejbjerg Wagon. This is a bronze age wagon that was for many years misidentified as "Viking." The picture above is from an exhibit in the Danish National Museum in Copenhagen.
This wagon will:
-- have a rectangular bed with vertical sides for ease of construction
-- use plywood wheels with "cut out" spokes for ease of construction
-- have decorations in keeping with its inspiration piece
-- use parts that are easily disassembled and pack flat within the space of the bed
-- have running gear strong enough to haul plenty of armor or other stuff
-- avoid any jarring modernisms
-- be built with materials readily available at the average Home Dept or Lowe's
-- require only the use of simple hand power tools; although, (like my hero St. Norm) in some cases I may use some of my nifty bench or stationary tools, and just point out you can use substitutes.
I'd like to give you a parts list and materials sheet at this point, but since I haven't built this version yet, and I'm going to be using some parts from old projects, I don't have it to hand. Hopefully I can get that up tomorrow, but it's getting close to bed time.


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