Sunday, January 11, 2009

Plans, commentary

Whew! That was fun (not). It's taken me longer to do the documentation than it did to build the wagon. That's probably some sort of universal constant though...

I've gotten the plans on two pages so far. I think the type fonts work for the bitmap images and the size is adequate, with adequate detail in the plans. Next is to finish the modifications to the basic wagon, with pics, and post plans and instructions. I need to redo the materials list, too, so it's not from memory and has everything listed. Plus I just noticed the tongue and tiller aren't on the plans. Poo. Well, I've been sitting here in front of Fafnir (which just happens to be in the coldest corner in the house) for long enough. I'm going to have a hot chocolate with Bailey's Irish Cream in it and read a good book by the fire for a while.

If you notice anything that looks like an error on the plans, or is confusing, or whatever, please drop me a line.


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