Friday, January 2, 2009

Fung what?

Once upon a time I had all sorts of shop problems. I'd forget to pick up stuff at the hardware store and have to make multiple trips, screws would break, drill bits would wander, the damn tape-measure was forever scuttling off to the darkest recesses of my shop. Murphy reigned supreme.

Then one day I was listening to This Old House and, shazam, I understood where I was going wrong. The perky interior designer set me straight... I had totally ignored Feng Shui.

Obviously what my shop needed was some sort of shrine to attract the influences of beneficent spirits. How could I have been so foolish as to ignore the spirits? There was nothing for it but to build a shrine to Saint Norm, patron saint of DIY.

Now before I begin any project I bang the special spirit attracting gong with the hammer, and lo and behold everything goes smoothly. The demon Murphy has been banished (OK, he relocated to the computer, but still...) harmony and balance have an almost palpable prescence.

Take it from me, this chinese fungus stuff works.


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