Sunday, January 4, 2009

Best laid plans

Howdy to all who've following along. While I've been having fun putting the wagon together and writing the blog, I've I'm having issues with uploading the pictures. Last night I spent from 10:30 pm to nearly 2:00 am trying and failing to load up pics, and in many spots the text doesn't make a lot of sense without them.

Unfortunately, I live in the middle of nowhere and I'm stuck with dial-up. It's not clear to me if the problem is left over from Friday's modem issues, with the wireless router we added last week, or with google's blogspot.

I'm back in the shop today to finish the bed of the wagon, so I can show that it can be done in a weekend, but since it looks like it's taking me ten tries for every picture that up loads, I won't have it blogged for several more days. And I may end up having to move all the files to the laptop and making the trek into Starbucks on Tuesday to get over-caffinated and spend a couple hours upload with their high speed hook-up.

OTOH Generica (My Lady Wife) who is the resident computer guru, thinks she can fix the trouble later today when she gets a chance, after all, it worked fine until yesterday pm. So stick with me boys and girls, I'll be back soon.


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