Friday, January 2, 2009

A brief interruption

Well, I started the day by killing my modem. So Fafnir (that's the computer's name--what, you don't name your computers?) Fafnir's guts have been spread all over the desk for the past few hours until I finally figured out there were software glitches and a hardware glitch.

The other fly in the ointment is pics. Last night I went digging through umpty-ump folders of pictures and discovered that most of the ones I took while building the wheels for my landsknecht wagon are nowhere to be found. Sigh. However, I found the files with comments on wheel building, and another on tools, so I'm editing them now and they'll be up shortly.

So the plan is this: tonight I'll cover the some of the materials we'll need, the tools it's useful to have, how to build the wheels and some miscellaneous comments. Tomorrow we'll build the running gear and start on the bed, and Sunday we'll finish up the bed, do the ass-em-bul-ly as St. Norm would say, and decorate.


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