Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Puttin' them dogs to work

So, I googled around and who woulda thunk it? Some dogs can pull up to 2,000 pound loads! OK, a well trained, experienced, large dog, in tip-top shape, for short distances, but still....

And apparently there are organizations of people who like to make their dogs pull wagons and carts, weird, huh? It also appears that there still are no good, free, reasonably easy dog cart plans out there. What the heck, let's fix that.

As I mentioned earlier, I don't know that I use this particular wagon for dog drafting, but clearly medium to large dogs could pull it in competition, in fact, you'd have to add weights. The tongue and tiller are not particularly amenable to use for draft dogs, (I almost typed daft dogs--but that would be the owners ;-) so I'll be posting a modification to the front axletree and tongue for those who want to hitch up a dog (or dogs).

Right now I have to get off the computer for daughter homework time. Back tomorrow...


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